Many people who want to look good and stay physically fit by cutting down their excessive body fat are looking for new fitness machines known as vibro plates or vibration plates. Vibro plates are increasingly popular in gyms, salons and health clubs and other such places in the Britain. A vibro plate is a device that is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness in toning muscles while reducing work out time.

Do vibro plates work?

There have been several researches in the past proving that vibro plates are effective for weight reduction. The research was conducted with the objective to determine the effects of eight months of resistance training with and without whole-body vibration. The result showed a positive body composition on the subjects tested with a vibro plate. It also increased their lean muscle tissues.

If vibro plates are used properly, the machines may help overweight people trim their excess fat and achieve long-term weight loss. Because of this, obese people who follow a weight loss diet and regularly use the vibro plate machines are more successful at long term weight loss than those who followed a healthy diet and conventional exercise. Some well known magazines and science journals are also conducting researches to gauge effectiveness of vibro plates and the research has shown that overall there was more weight loss in people that used them.

Why do they work?

The theory behind the vibro plate is that when a person uses this equipment, the human body shakes which causes lots of little tears in our own muscle tissue. A simple starter exercise that many people like to execute on a vibro plate is the squat. You can perform the squat exercise by standing in the center position of the plate and plant both feet firmly on the ground. If you are new to this exercise then, you may need to hold the nearby bar or some stable surface. The effect is that it creates a response in our body processes and metabolism.

After using a vibro plate is the time where body works to reduce weight, as a comeback to what happened during our fitness routine. According to most of the researches, vibro plates do not actually cause us to lose weight solely from using them. Vibro plates are always going to be best used in combination with a good and healthy diet and a good exercise training regimen. Thus a healthy diet with the right nutrition and of course a controlled consumption of calories, plus a proper intense exercise regime including vibro plates is the key to lose weight. For many people who have really busy schedules, this is the answer. It takes minimal time and gives maximum outcome.

Benefits of vibro plates

Apart from the vibro plates benefits that they burn fat, tone muscle, and give more energy, there are other benefits to this device as well.

    • They are thought to increase bone density, i.e. they are good for osteoporosis and particularly useful for the elderly and women as they often suffer from problems resulting due to weak bones.
    • It increases muscle strength which means more mobility.
    • It increases balance and improves joint function which again leads to an increased ability to do things. Thus, for the elderly, there is a whole other side to those many benefits.

In the end one can say that vibro plates have numerous advantages and are definitely an aiding device in conjunction with a weight loss regime.

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